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Jump Rope for Heart !!!!!

May 15th is our Jump for Heart final celebration.  We thank our STA community for their continued support of this fantastic and important fundraiser.  Jump rope for Heart not only raises money for an important cause but it also raises awareness for our students of the importance of life long activity and good health.

Lots going on for Carnival Week February 12-16th

Lots of fun happening at STA this week for Carnival.  Different activities have been activities have been arranged  by our French Department for each day.  Join in the festivities and school spirit!:

Monday Wacky Hair Day

Tuesday Pyjamas and Pancake Snack ... Continue reading "Lots going on for Carnival Week February 12-16th"

Wednesday Red, White, Pink Day / Dufflebag bilingual performace in pm Thursday Sports Day/ Carnaval games Friday Hat and

Earth Hour Celebrations at STA !!!

This March 24th at 8:30pm, we are encouraged to power down (lights, electronics, appliances), for one hour to support the Earth Hour 2018 campaign. Here at STA we will be supporting this event on Friday March 23rd from 11am till noon. All classes will turn off their lights, computers, iPads, and any other appliances that use energy. Our Eco Team will be giving a series ... Continue reading "Earth Hour Celebrations at STA !!!"