Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Before school 8:55 to bell

  1. Supervision for our students begins at 8:55. Parent drop off should be no earlier and from the east parking lot.
  2. When dropping off you can use the Kiss and Ride curb of the east parking lot.
  3. If you need to park you are asked to park in a parking spot in the east lot or use the church parking lot.
  4. You need to enter and exit from the east side of the school. The front is restricted to taxis and school buses.

During the day 9:10 – 3:40

  1. If you need to drop off a lunch we ask that you deliver it prior to 12:00 and that you leave it just inside the office. We will notify the child’s teacher so that they can come and get it at the bell. Please have it clearly labeled with their first and last name and if possible, teacher’s name or room number.
  2. If your child needs to arrive or leave during the school day, an adult must sign them in or out at the office. If leaving, it is helpful if you send in a note to the teacher so they can know when to expect that the office will be calling up to the class. If you are picking your child up near the end of the day, they need to be signed out. If you are leaving before the final dismissal bell. Please use the Safe Arrival system when you know your child will be leaving early. Thank you.

End of the day – 3:40

  1. If you need to make emergency arrangements for your child’s transportation, we would appreciate a call by 3:00 so we can have enough time to ensure the message gets to your child’s teacher.
  2. While waiting to pick up your child you must use a parking spot in the EAST parking lot. If necessary use the church parking lot as we have a walkway directly to our school. We ask that if you come into the school that you report to the office and wait until the bell.

Pick-Up and Drop Off at The Kiss and Ride Area

When using the Kiss and Ride Lane for pick-up and drop off, it is imperative that you do not physically leave your vehicle. If you wish to leave your vehicle please park in the parking lot and come to the school to retrieve your child(ren). We cannot have the laneway blocked with cars that are parked and unattended. Please adhere to these guidelines as it will allow us to ensure the safety of everyone, while at the same time allow everyone to access the Kiss and Ride for its intended purpose. Thank you!!