Crunchy Munchy Sensational Snacks

March is National Nutrition Month and our school is celebrating crunchy, munchy sensational snacks.  During the month, we will be promoting healthy eating through PA announcements  and hosting Healthy Snack Workshops on Tuesday, March 24th & Wednesday, March 25th.

Fruits and vegetables are great snacks and Canada’s Food Guide recommends eating plenty of them. Half our plates should be made up of vegetables and fruits.

Here are some ideas to try to help your child eat more fruit and vegetables:

  • Include fruit at breakfast; try adding half cup of banana slices or berries to cereal
  • Include fruit and vegetables in lunch bags daily
  • Keep washed fruit and vegetable sticks ready where children can easily reach them
  • Serve a healthy snack after school that includes a fruit or vegetable; try serving fresh fruit slices with cheese or yogurt
  • Set a good example by eating lots of vegetables and fruit yourself

Talk to your children about the fun activities that will be happening throughout March and the importance of including vegetables and fruits in our snacks and meals.